Alexis Temple is a wheelchair bodybuilder, NASM certified fitness trainer and self proclaimed Queen of the rebuild. In 2010 she was involved in a four-wheeling accident that left her with a broken back, a paraplegia diagnosis and the reality of learning to live day to day life in a wheelchair. It was time to rebuild from square one.

In the years since her accident Alexis has become a personal trainer, holds multiple national titles in women's wheelchair bodybuilding, manages a restaurant, speaks to groups about overcoming challenges, and is the creator of the RebuildHer blog and community. She is passionate about helping women realize their potential and build the life they've always dreamt of.


"You can use the word challenge as a noun and it becomes a person, place, or thing that stands in your way. Or, you can use it as an adjective and challenge the obstacles you encounter. Life is all in how you phrase it."

Meet Alexis

Speaker, fitness trainer, RebuildHer Blog

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